Lighthouse Chapel International


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Celebration Service : 10am

SAVED Youth Service : 1pm

Bible School : 2pm


Agape Service : 6am
(Thursdays Also)

Rekindling Service : 6pm

Fasting and Prayer : 6am-6pm
(wherever you are)

Thursdays &

Area Outreach Fellowship Ministries : 7pm

Satellite Church Service : 10am

Find a location near you.

We never knew we could work for God.  What a priviledge! To do something in God's house is life's greatest opportunity.  If you can smile, dance, talk, cook, write, help, pray, organize or sing, no matter what you can do, there's a ministry for you.

The LCI ministries provide a variety of ways for you to use the talent, tool or gift that God has blessed you with.  But if there's no ministry that can bring out your particular gift, speak to any one of our pastors or ministers today we may be able to start one just for you.